Vedic Astrology

The Vedas (वेद, 'vedah') mean knowledge. They are a large number of religious texts originating in ancient India.

There are four Vedas: the Rig-veda, the Yajur-veda, the Sama-veda and the Atharva-veda

Vedas are Suti (what is heard) perceived from other religious texts which are called Smriti (what is remembered). 

Hindus consider the Vedas to be apaurvseya, which means superhuman (impersonal authorless). The mystery of sacred sound and text heard by ancient sages after highly devotional meditation. 

Vedas teach us to pursue truth, to accept nothing but the truth, which is one but described in many ways. The truth is synonymous with being and becoming with life and living in all manifestations. 


Vedic astrology is continued to mathematically determine the positioning of the stars. Rishi Parasara is the father of Vedic astrology. He is the author of many other Indian texts. Vedic reading is also connected with your Karmic tendencies.