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The meaning of compatibility is the ability of being comfortable with somebody, without any desires; just to feel free with someone.

Compatibility connects with various things like conversation, vision, hobbies and especially with the presence level of a person. It mostly depends on your presence level and the flow of your conversations. It is connected with Nakshatra also. Compatibility and zodiac are the leaves and Nakshatra is the root. Compatibility can be identified by your physche and your thought patterns. If you are in a calm flow than you cannot connect with a destructive flow person.

It is added with your zodiac signs also but nowadays, your psyche, presence level, thought patterns and the vision all matter. By knowing your and your partners behaviour and ways of life you can also be sure of your relationship. If you feel compatible with somebody, you don't have to say what to do or what not to. You will be naturally comfortable with each other.

Just to know about your compatibility you should share with me your thoughts and running matters of your mind.

This website is run by two people, a Nepalese astrologer and his wife. Please bear with us as we begin offering readings. Unfortunately, form submission and payment have to be done separately for now. Please fill in your details for the reading and then pay via PayPal. Each reading is priced separately, alternatively, you can get them all, or just the two personal readings. We will aim to send you your reading (via email) within 24 hours of receiving payment. Please understand that the reading takes over an hour and some expertise, therefore we feel like the price is reflective of this. After the reading you are welcome to ask questions. Thank you and we hope you will find these readings useful on your journey of self development and realisation. 

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Please note for Compatibility readings we will also need your partners/ friends'/family member exact date and day of birth, as well as their given birth name. 


Please provide your first given birth name for Nakshatra Readings.


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