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One without eyes is a blind man. While objects, which are near at hand, can be identified by touch, those at a distance can only be seen by the eyes. Just as the human eyes are useful in identifying objects far and near, the Nakshatra is useful in seeing the disposition of planets and stars in time; many years ago or hereafter in the future. Since touch cannot identify colour, eyes are necessary to distinguish these. Likewise, even if a planet is sighted today, we would not know its effects based on its location and how it affects us. Nakshatra alone can throw light on the subject. In the Vedic or Hindu system of astrology, the Nakshatras play a major role in the art of prediction. In fact, the mysterious and ancient story leaves are based on the Nakshatras. Vedic astrology collects its root in a more ancient Lunar zodiac that reflects an earlier stage of human culture and intuition. This Nakshatras system remains the pillar on which it is based and serves to uphold its many insights and great predictive power. It aims to understand both the origins of the zodiac and our most primal connection to the heavens.

Nakshatra means stars (the alternate meaning for this name is heavenly body). This reading is based on your given birth name and it can illuminate the nature of your character and your life potential. There are 27 Nakshatras according to the Vedic texts. 

1. Ashwini​ (Physician to the Gods)

2. Bharani (The bearer)

3. Krittika (An old name of the Pleiades) 

4. Rohini (The red one) 

5. Mrigashira (The deers head)

6. Ardra (The storm God)

7. Punarvasu (The two chariots) 

8. Pushya (The nourisher) 

9. Ashlesha (The embrace)

10. Magha (The bountiful)

11. Purva Phalguni (First reddish one)

12. Uttara Phalguni (Second reddish one)

13. Hasta (The hand) 

14. Chitra (The bright one)

15. Swati (Very good)

16. Vishaka (Forked, having branches, named as Radha)

17. Anuradha (Following Radha) 

18. Jyestha (The eldest, most excellent)

19. Mula (The root)

20. Purva Ashadha (Invincible one)

21. Uttara Ashadha (Universal Star)

22. Sravana (An ear)

23. Dhanistha (Drum)

24. Satabhisha (Requiring 100 physicians)

25. Purva Bhadrapada (The first of the blessed feet)

26. Uttara Bhadrapada (The second of the blessed feet)

27. Revati (Prosperous)  

This website is run by two people, a Nepalese astrologer and his wife. Please bear with us as we begin offering readings. Unfortunately, form submission and payment have to be done separately for now. Please fill in your details for the reading and then pay via PayPal. Each reading is priced separately, alternatively, you can get them all, or just the two personal readings. We will aim to send you your reading (via email) within 24 hours of receiving payment. Please understand that the reading takes over an hour and some expertise, therefore we feel like the price is reflective of this. After the reading you are welcome to ask questions. Thank you and we hope you will find these readings useful on your journey of self development and realisation. 

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